How long does it take complete an order?

Depending on the workload we may need from two up to four weeks to fulfill your order (not including EMS delivery).

How can I pay?

We accept PayPal payments from customers all over the world.
However please keep in mind the following:
1. We are Ukrainian shop and according to PayPal policy we cannot receive payments directly. That is why we are urged to use intermediary services, requiring extra fee.
2. After placing an order you will not be redirected to PayPal payment page at once: first we will roughly estimate the approximate weight or your parcel and let you know the total for your order (products+EMS delivery) via e-mail.

For more details please visit Payment and Delivery.

What if I want some modifications in a product?

Simple changes in clothes, like making pants 1-2 cm shorter or adding a pocket to a shirt, for instance, are usually possible even with no extra fee.

A piece of furniture may be manufactured basing on your personal measurements, if you provide a photo or a drawing of what you have in mind. After estimating the scope of work we will let you know approximate terms and price.

I have a suggestion/comment. How can I contact you?

You may use feedback form on Contact page or write us an e-mail on support@larsens.com.ua.
We are always open to a discussion.

I found a mistake. How can I report it?

Please, kindly let us know via feedback form on Contact page.
Thank you in advance!